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tv   Hollywood News Summer Movie Preview  FOX  July 20, 2014 3:30pm-4:01pm PDT

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>> hello. welcome to "the hollywood news report." i'm your cinema guide for what is going on in movies today. we are getting and an exclusive, it in depth look at the latest films. on "the hollywood news report" where news is entertainment and entertainment is news. >> we were supposed to protect them. ♪ >> dad!
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>> i'm going to ask you this once. where is optimus prime? >> they got a rule about messing with people from texas. >> after three blockbuster hits, shia labeouf is passing the "transformers" baton over to mark wahlberg to reboot the blockbuster franchise with "transformers: age of extinction." >> when i hook this back to a working battery -- >> calling all -- calling all autobots. >> oh yeah. i don't think it's a truck at all. i think we just found a transformer. >> the opportunity to work with michael again, and also you know the other upside was that, i can finally do a movie that my kids could see and would want to see. you embrace getting older , playing the dad. there was, there was, there was nothing but upside to me. you know i never dealt with or thought about or focused on the
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pressure of stepping into a movie that other people had been a part of or you know being the fourth installment, we, we felt like we were going to do something different and kind of make it our own. >> i did not know there was going to be another one. . and then suddenly they're going to make another one, i was like "you're kidding, that's fantastic." "do you want to, michael wants to talk to you" i was like "oh my god yeah i'd do it in a second." >> mr. yeager, who do you think i work for? you're trying to protect your family, that's admirable. i'm trying to defend the nation from alien war. we've had a taste of what that looks like. we are not going to tolerate another. >> i love the franchise, i love the transformers, i loved watching the cartoons with my little, my first child. i was going like "oh i like that thing, this robots thing. and when they made the first film i thought, "wow that's going to be fantastic, they're just going to blow the doors off the stuff." and of course they did, and that was my first love of michael bay honestly. and i had seen some of his videos and i loved the "bad boys" movies, stuff like that, but this is sort of the stuff he was born to make. he's got that brain that knows how to turn a giant canvas with
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a million hats in the air into a kind of a coalesced beautifully formed extravaganza. it's a huge thing so it rates big on my own personal radar. it's right up there with broadway, it's broadway and bay. >> laying the overprotective dad was not much of a stretch for wahlberg. >> an ordinary guy put in annex ordinary situation and willing to do anything to protect his kid. it doesn't take a lot for me, a lot of imagination to put me in that place. and i knew michael would bring everything else to life around me. >> i have a super, overprotective dad. a lot of overprotective boys in my family.
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>> when we come back, more from hollywood's biggest films.
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>> we have returned and we have . lot more newsroo >> come on. there is a whole netherworld of dragons out there.
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j bearish l is back for "how to chain -- how to train your dragon two. >> they complete each other. they're both these outcasts. they're both these weird things, you know? toothless as far as we know is the only night fury there, and hiccup, the least vikingy of the vikings. each of them on their own mean a bit less, but together they form a really special hero, and it speaks to on one of those relationships that you can get with an animal that you can't get with a person, which transcends words and has nothing to do with words. it is just pure emotion and loyalty and love and, and i think anyone who has ever had a pet they really loved really gets it. >> something is coming. something you've never faced before. >> the dragons are mine now.
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>> i've watched the film, the first one with my kids and one day i got a call to come in for drago bludvist on "how to train your dragon 2." so i said "wow, my son was excited about the first film, that would be a great opportunity to carry my legacy." it's a quite different experience, it's just you and the mic and your director. unfortunately it was only on this stage in cannes that we finally met all the cast, that feels a little clinical, but again, once you're in the room by yourself with the mic and reading, digging deep for your character -- it's a lot of work. i thought it would be a walk in the park, going in there and just laying your voice down. it was exhausting. i felt like i was working out. >> you're my mother? i mean, what the -- ? do you grasp how insane it sounds? >> come, quickly. >> i have questions! where have you been all this time? >> it forces you to re-learn acting to a certain degree because it made me realize how much i used my mannerisms and
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expressions as like a crutch. i'll just say it they're crutches, you know. but then once you got passed that there was something really pure and exciting about focusing just on the words and trying to make them come to life as much as possible. so now seven years in i can say i prefer it this. it makes much more sense, it's much better for me as well like, i don't have to wear makeup, i don't have to be in front of hot lights for 14 hours a day. i get to come in montreal often and record for an hour and a half, two hours, every month or so and at the end of it of 3 years, i'm part of this wonderful project, you know? and, yeah, i adore it. you know, this, if it were up to me this is all i'd ever do. >> come on, toothless. yeah, baby! >> wwill be right back.
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>> let's take a look at some more films. times have we been here? >> for me, it has been an eternity. >> tom cruise and emily blunt are stuck in a time loop that makes them relive the same battle over and over again in "edge of tomorrow." >> the only thing i can feel are my lips. >> now listen carefully, this is a very important rule. this is the only rule. if you get injured on the field, you better make sure you die.
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>> we got it. a practical murderer. >> she didn't even think of it as murder. it's just like resetting. >> no, just resetting. like he's broken his leg, he's useless to her today, so let's just start again. >> i love the training scenes in movies. i just love them. >> the sequences, yes. so cool. and i love sequences and i've done them and to do it in various different ways, but this one was, i thought, "ah, this is going to be so much fun because we're coming up with how many different ways can this guy die or get injured." >> what's the most violent way that he can die? >> and i would saying to the stunt guys we kept working on it, doug and i was like, it's funny like, "look, this is wylie coyote, you know? this is bugs bunny. it's like we got to have, you know, spin me around, and throw me on the walls." you know, and it becomes, you know, humorous at that point. from start to finish. we rebuilt her from the ground up. >> yeah. yeah.
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>> she needed it. it's like formula one. >> no, i trained for three months before hand, so i transformed from being enormous -- yeah, just kidding. i did do a lot of different kinds of training like gymnastics and krav maga and sprinting and weight training. it's so challenging wearing the suits and it's something you can get used to, i don't know if it's we ever really conquered the idea of just traipsing around in the suits but they were such a cool look. and it was essential to the story that they weren't cgied in or painted in. you know, i think they alter the way you move in such a dramatic way. so it was cool coming up with all the stunts and in which way you can use them to their greatest advantage. >> i'm not a soldier. >> of course you're not, you're a weapon. >> ask about the drugs. >> channing tatum and jonah hill are freshmeat as they go undercover at their local college to take down a supplier
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of a new dangerous drug in "22 jump street." >> i got a new identity that's going to be killer. i'm going to be throwing it to you to make it legit. >> okay. >> i'm going to need you to improvise. >> i suck at improvising. i don't want to do it. >> i need absolute silence why i fall into character. >> i'm one of the writers of both movies and i encourage anyone to change my words around. i just think we hire all these creative people like jillian bell and the lucas brothers, and wyatt and amber, you just want to see how they make their character their own. we know as actors we know that no one knows your character better than you. you're trying to live as that person so to see what they bring to it is just so much better than what we could have ever thought of beforehand. >> yeah, and the one thing i can say about this movie, almost so much more than any other film that i've been on is that the best idea in the room wins. like, you know, there's no ego. when jonah is off camera he's pitching lines and, you know, just anything and everything just to make the scene better, and saying it's, it's a great family of creative people.
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>> whypy. >> whypy? >> whypy. it stands for: work hard, yes. play, hard yes. now these kids get laser focus for about four hours of studying, and then they party like it's 1999. >> this sequel is one of those things that people have been waiting to see, you know. and like i said, captain dickson is so great in the movie and it's one of those things where you could of did a sequel just around his character but i understand jonah and channing got to be in it, you know, it is a sequel, and so here we are. you know, people love it and can't wait to do "23 jump street", "24 jump street" and "25 jump street." >> in the beginning, they were just targeting mutants. then they began targeting everyone. i've come a long way to guide us to bring us together. the x-men, we need your help.
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>> tell whoever it was who sent you that i'm busy. >> the person who sent me was you. >> the future meets the past as wolverine travels back in time to stop the sentinels from wiping out all the mutants in the world in "x-men: days of future past." >> you're beast? >> i don't know what you're talking about. >> you're pretty strong for a scrawny kid. >> i said you need to leave. >> you and i are going to be good friends. >> the fans had really been wanting the sentinels, because in the x-man lore, it's huge right? and we did a little bit of it in "x-men: last stand" but it's difficult, you know, because they're robots and x-men is very much about humanity i think and with all the special powers going around, it feels very real and very human and i just think bryan did just a brilliant job in using the sentinels to raise the stakes higher than ever before. he told me the idea i thought it was possible because it's such a strong idea and we all are very passionate about. like everyone on this film, it's not just a job everyone loves it. from the original cast to the younger cast.
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like the way i said "original not older" yes being part of the original cast, the original cast and then the youngsters, um so we, i knew, i pretty sure everyone would sign on. you know the toughest thing, being a producer on this thing, i wasn't a producer, but imagine trying to get all their schedules together. that was not easy. >> dry your eyes, erick. doesn't justify what you've done. >> you've no idea what i've done. >> i know you took the things that mean the most to me. >> well maybe you should have fought harder for them. >> i was affronted. i was very, very disappointed and angry. i said, wait a minute, this is our deal, this is our bag man, we've made this ours, we've marked our territory with our scent. i've peed on all these lamp posts and suddenly we have the old alpha males come in and i'm like, come on man, come on, but actually once i got over that they were quite good in it. >> really full credit to simon and bryan for being able to realize that working with these two worlds parallel and, and, and, and bringing sort of clarity to both of those worlds. that's no easy feat and i think
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they did it very well, but yeah the size and scale of this was definitely bigger for us then first class and you know, it's a truly, really is an ensemble piece, you could see that at the comic-con teaser trailer where the, the whole cast is sort of lined up on, on, on a big long table, so it was nice to be a part of that and it was nice to get to mix it up with the original cast. >> with this weapon there will be no human collateral damage. i turn it on, the system couldn't even activate in here. unless there's a mutant. >> "games of thrones" star peter dinklage joins the cast as the main villain. >> there was a moment between my manager saying bryan singer is interested in you for the next x-men movie and uh there was probably there, there was an hour or so before, it happened really quickly, where i was like, what am i, i have no idea
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what am i going to play, what kind of mutant am i gonna be, am i gonna, because your mind immediately goes there but then i talked to bryan and he immediately told me which part and the story. the character himself sees himself as a bit of a savior, he has done his homework on darwinism and how our species as he coldly refers to it as, has evolved -- neanderthal to cro-magnon. he sees the x-men, the mutants as the next evolutionary chain, the link on the chain and as a result we will be wiped out, the neanderthals will be whipped out. so he is proposing this idea to prevent that, self-preservation from happening, which is in a way uh, logical but completely just genocide, which is never good. >> i don't want your future. we were supposed to protect them.
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>> thanks for joining us. get back to more entertainment news. >> it was disney magic as angelina jolie, elle fanning, and sharlto copley shutdown hollywood boulevard for the world premiere of "maleficent." >> so many times you play characters and the characters are focusing on a lot in the pains in life and she certainly has that, but in this every day the focus was the audience and my children and would they find this funny? and would they think this is cool? and is this voice something that they like or they don't like? and is this hat something they like or they don't like?" and my job is to entertain and i'm going to do my best even if i fall on my face and make a fool of myself to hope that i can do that. and do that for people of all ages, but especially children. >> it's definitely the biggest like movie, you know, with special effects and angelina, the biggest movie that i've ever done like that. and just, when you walk on the stages and they have sets there, you know, you're standing on grass and stuff but there's so much, there's green screen everywhere and little lights for
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the fairies and you're holding air for little creature's hands. you have to like imagine so much, it's crazy! and this, it's just everything is so big, it's like "oh!" it makes me very excited. >> the amount of work that goes into creating a world that you're really inhabiting that you don't see on set and you have thousands of animators working tirelessly, you know, killing themselves in front of their computers, and to me, to be honest, they're the guys that are really producing the magic in a lot of ways. i mean if you watch this film without the visual effects it would sort of be almost like a comedy. >> it's funny because i, initially when she contacted me about this really didn't really want to put pieces on her face, you know, and mainly because i didn't want to be responsible for messing up angelina jolie, you know? she's so beautiful and it's a very hard makeup to apply when you have somebody who has flawless skin like that, and it was symmetrical. but she wanted them. also, it's an ordeal, you know? i mean it's three hours in a makeup chair every day. she was made up 70 odd some days. >> the people who did the makeup, you know, rick baker and tony and arjen were just so
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brilliant and by the time i got out of the hair and makeup trailer, my character was halfway there. so, it was great. i really, i enjoyed it. i enjoyed the horns. i enjoyed the gowns. i had, you know, i had fun. >> the hollywood news report's mike wilber traveled to hong kong for the world premiere of "transformers: age of extinction." >> it was my first time being in hong kong and i was disappointed i didn't get to see as enough of the city as i would of liked. i mean it's such an amazing place. the only thing that i did get to do which i forgot about was i went to macau and played some black jack in preparation for my new movie "the gambler." >> there you go. >> i lost everything. >> mark and me worked together in "pain & gain" and, it got me thinking. he doesn't have a franchise, he's a true movie star and he is like an everyday guy. he's funny, he can do action, and he really commands a screen. >> it's been amazing working with michael. he's just a genius, and he's so talented, and i feel so lucky to be here and to work with him. he's the only reason i'm here,
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so i'm really thankful for him. >> michael bay is a brilliant director and a terrific guy. i actually really enjoy him it's a great sense of occasion here, it's a celebration of the city, and of our cooperation with the city, and with the people of china, it was fantastic. i love the robots, they're great. i think when you see a guy with a sword sitting on top of a dinosaur breathing fire, i don't know how much better it can get. >> they're for everybody, these movies. they're fun, they're exciting, they're visceral. they're incredibly cinematic, they're contemporary, they're always pushing the envelope as far as technology goes. they're funny, what's not to like? >> i think people love giant robots and explosions, and michael bay does that very well. but what he does even better is marry those elements with the human elements that sell the story and that engage people and make it relatable for them and i think that's why it's successful. >> i think the audience is going to be thrilled.
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it is a lot of action, a lot of drama. a lot of humor. very funny. >> that's it for this week. please join us next time on "the hollywood news report" where news is entertainment and entertainment is news.
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. hello, everybody. we have the best videos right here "right " >> he is having a bad day. >> his baby mama, allegedly. >> how he went from fraid to tased in the back of a cop car. >> a 20-ton truck plowing over a woman has to leave her in bad shape, right? >> nope. >> see theyclist that is one tough mudder. >> when firefighters rescue a kit fren a sewage


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